work in progress


To love you
Is not a choice,
It’s my core which gets fulfilled
By you.
When I see you,
I never want to stop.
I don’t need your permission
To do all of this.
I want to be profound
A deep medium of energy
Which when meeting with you
A unique passage of extraordinary.
My love will not be you
But it will all be yours.
Those millions of Stars
Will never be bought.
But a guaranteed joy & togetherness
Will be completed.
My love for you,
Is in progression
Like “work in progress”



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The soul is a gift, given by god

how do we see it?

Is the question asked

To me;

A soul full of desires, dream s & passion

A soul who wants to let free

And see the gazing sea.

A soul which is lost,

At the mountain peak.

Hold for a moment!

Let me breath

Is it the reality,

For me to see?

A soul is a plethora.

Is my belief,

Full of life, ready to dive.

Amazingness & captivating

Universal truth;

Is beheld only with good.

A soul is one step.

At a time.

Every day, surpassing everything.

Spiritually bound, merrier & powerful




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Good feelings

Some days are dark
You want to end it
For all its part.

Some days are shiny
You want to relive it
Once in every few.

Nice feelings are good to feel
Bad feeling is hurtful
But never a true enemy
Its a lesson
Amongst all the irony

We cherish good days
But want to move on from bad days soon.

Why don’t we pause?
We pause to view.

The dark cloud
The thrashing rain
Moment of pain
Just see them,
As some grain.

All the days, can be same
But it takes
A lot of good, some bad too
Some days, few days
Are coming soon.



All along

It happened again, the broken heart.
I believed,
I was firm, so I went again
All along.
I did question?
I question the beauty,
Tranquillity and all
It happened again
Without any fall
I do wonder,
I wonder why?
These shattered glasses
Do become a reason to cry.
But I try to stay strong;
For myself, to hold along.
But these floods never stop.
I request the rain to stop.
But its my heart,
Not a playground.
No rules not some game,
Its just simple pure shame.
My faith’s intact
Still unbroken
But this time
It was unquestioned!
All the pain & this disdain feeling
I know will die soon.
I hope;
That this time,
I see it through, I see it through


Poem of days

Am I growing or deteriorating?
Am I a bluff or a jackpot?
Am I calm flow of water?
Or just a tide soon to die.
The beauty of all these questions
Are far away from a fly
Another day of relentless
An eager and a spirited attitude.
An emotion of bewilderment
So much to gather in all of amplitude.
Mother Nature surprises;
With all of tremor at once.
Nothing stores within
It happen all at once…
I say now and I say again
Again and again…
Its now or never…
Maybe an attitude will help me do
The undone!
It is time for me to roll
Roll and roll.
Make some changes for my goal.
One step at a time,
Will certainly do.
I believe and I am certain
This life is a journey
Will all the questions and all the dew.
A quote at last, would love to add;
“Some days will be dark, just find light and surpass.”



Story of a LOsT love

It was found amidst nowhere
From the terrain of shadows,
It was fresh like a new flower,
Loads of shine with adorable smile.
It was like a morning sun
Passing all the hurdles;
Spreading light.
The days were started,
Within the glimpse of droplets.
Here and there.
Just few.
Imagine a strong fragrance
Fragrance of a new.
Touching through the skin.
Like a flower flowing …
Away from top to low.
All is no present now.
Only in the sky and within the spirits.
Just have to flow.
And feel.
The feeling of the lost love.


TONIGHT is all about strength



Tonight I feel stronger

Like a storm

Tipsy, curvy, roaring

All along.

Tonight I feel stronger,

My smile is different

With some tears,

Maybe I am falling apart like those tears.

But still I am going

Going along

Tonight I feel very strong

Like those nights full of starts.

Like the sun, on a brighter morning.

Like the wind which brought relentlessness.

I saw both light and darkness,

It was cruel and it was mean.

Yet I am not troubled and I am not lean.

I have the strength;

Maybe I am supreme.

Days will pass and I will grow,

Standing strong;

Without doubts any more.

To know it all is the strength demanded

Virtue of courage;

Is explained and expanded.

It is today and tomorrow.

Brighter will be the night

And brighter tomorrow.